Microencapsulate Scarf - A meticulously designed and tailored elemental scarf exclusively licensed by CELLUTOXTM is equipped with microencapsulation technology. This latest innovation is one of the nanotechnologies which encapsulate 100% premium essential oil into microcapsules within the fabric molecules. These microcapsules will gradually release soft scent of essential oil for a stress relief therapy. As you wrapped the scarf around your neck, the heat from your body will break the essence out of the microcapsule that will allow you to enjoy your day. The fragrance can be prolonged on the scarf for 8 – 12 months, even after washed for over 10 times.

       The raw materials are carefully selected, only those of eco-friendly, and produced by innovative technique. Rather than Silver nano, the Niccanon, a more advanced technology, is used for even more eco-friendly. Health safety and eco-friendliness are highly concerned in every production process of the company. The company regards the consumers as the members of their family. The products must be easy to use in daily life. By the law of spirit and body balance, the products will take good care of you easily, as if a spa is around you all the time

        With the experience and inspiration mentioned above, a product under “U-SENSE” brand is a combination of innovation and conservation of Thai culture. The products are designed to reflect Thai culture to the world communities.

           The products under “U-SENSE”  brand are supported and supervised by National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) and Office of the National Research Council of Thailand (NRCT).in order to promote researches on world-class innovation done by Thais. Recently,  “U-SENSE” has won the Gold Prize and Special Prize from Soul International Invention Fair 2013, Korea. This certifies the value of “U-SENSE” brand in terms of innovation and Thai culture on the world arena.

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